Are the hours practicing at the driving range not giving you the results you want?  Do feel like your swing has gradually become less fluid?  Are you frustrated with missing rounds of golf with your friends due to pain?  You may have physical restrictions limiting your golf swing.  

Our health professionals take an innovative approach to your golf game.  We help middle aged golfers and others improve their:

  • Posture
  • Mobility
  • Core Strength
  • Coordination
  • Balance

These factors must work together for a smooth and accurate golf swing. Improving your fitness powerfully works to improve your golf swing, your game, and helps prevent injuries.  Most importantly you will be able to enjoy your favorite game without pain.  No more missed outings or tournaments!

Often golfers don't have a specific complaint or symptom beyond their golf game not improving or at times getting worse.  Often a postural, mobility, or strength issue is limiting your game.  An effective plan can be created once the areas that need improvement are determined.

Often, these can be "injuries in the making" that can be corrected so you play better, play longer, and always with maximal comfort and enjoyment.

We get you started with the TPI Golf Fitness Screen created by the Titleist Performance Institute.  The screen includes 15 tests to assess your posture, balance, functional strength, flexibility, coordination that are required for an effective golf swing. 

A customized fitness program will be designed by our specialists to create the optimal program to improve your golf swing.

If you are currently experiencing pain or injury, then a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation will be completed to determine the quickest way to get you back on the golf course.

Get started NOW on a path now to improve your health as well as your golf game. Very soon you will be completing 18 holes ready to start 18 more!