Golf Fitness Services

TPI Golf Fitness Screen is a 30 min movement screen to assess any physical limitations that affect your golf screen. The screen assesses your functional strength, balance, coordination, posture, and flexibility that are required for an effective golf swing.  

Price: $75.00


Group Golf Fitness Class blends self massage techniques with specialized therapy balls, core strengthening, flexibility, and movement exercises all designed to improve your golf game and prevent injury.

Single Class: $20

Class cards available for discounts

TPI Golf Fitness and Physical Therapy Evaluation combines the TPI Golf Fitness Screen with a Physical Therapy Evaluation.  The physical therapy evaluation assesses specific joint mobility, muscle strength testing, as well as biomechanical imbalances that are affecting your golf swing.  If you have pain associated with playing golf, the screen and PT eval is the most appropriate option.  If formal PT treatment is deemed necessary, then formal PT treatment should be started and may be billable to your insurance company.  If therapy is not necessary, then a comprehensive fitness program can be started to improve your health and as well your golf game.

Price: $150.00