Yoga Tune Up® Class

Yoga Tune Up® is a full body longevity system blending yoga, physical therapy corrective exercises, and self massage with specialized therapy balls. This unique program is designed to help you gain strength, flexibility, and improve posture and compliments fitness programs to keep you healthy and active.



The Roll Model® Method Class

The Roll Model® class will put the power of self massage and myofascial release into your hands by using specialized therapy balls.  You will empower yourself with an understanding of basic anatomy while learning self care sequence that will improve health and athletic performance.  Class will include self massage techniques from your head to your toes.




Chair Yoga Class

Chair Yoga Class is designed to meet the needs of anyone who want to stretch, strengthen, and improve their posture but is unable to get up and down from the floor.  Class will incorporate self massage techniques, breath techniques, gentle stretching, and postural exercises. Class is appropriate for all beginners and anyone recovering from surgery.



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