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Who we treat

We work with anyone who has a desire to get more active and live a healthier lifestyle.  If your goal is to feel safer walking upstairs, to run a marathon, lift up your grandchildren, bend over without pain, return to dancing or make to the 18th hole without back pain...then we are here to help you achieve your goal.

We also offer wellness services including health coaching, yoga, and golf fitness programs to help you transition from therapy to an active healthy lifestyle


How we treat

We use a variety of assessment and treatment techniques to address your individual movement imbalances to get to the source of your pain and injury.  We believe therapy is a partnership between you and your therapist, your therapist will help you establish a plan that is tailored to your individual goals. All physical therapy should be with a licensed physical therapist; none of you treatment is delegated to assistants or technicians that help you exercise.  100% of your visit will be one to one with your physical therapist.   We also don't believe in wasting your time doing passive treatments like ice and heat that you can do for free at home.  Your time spent in therapy will be maximized with hands on treatment, corrective exercises, and education.


Your first visit

WHAT TO BRING:   For your first visit please bring your prescription, insurance card, and any reports from testing such as MRIs and x-rays are helpful. 

WHAT TO WEAR:  You need to be able to move easily in therapy, so avoid jeans or restrictive clothes.  Work-out style clothes that allow you to move freely are the best.  If you enjoy running or walking, bring in your favorite pair of shoes for your visit to get assessed in them.